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Visit to JGC Company

Farkhad Jumayev, General Director of the National Office of Innovation and Technology Transfer under the Ministry of Higher Education, Science and Innovation, Sardor Donayev, vice-rector for scientific affairs and innovations of the Tashkent State Technical University name under Islam Karimov, and Saidmurad Niyazbekov, Director of the Japan Youth Innovation Center, are on a business trip to Japan as part of the "Innovative approach to management of research institutes" project.

The members of the delegation visited the Japanese company JGC. JGC's mission is: "The health of people and the earth are inextricably linked, and by caring for both, we create a prosperous future." JGC reflects its desire to contribute to solving the world's increasingly complex and challenging problems through business activities such as general engineering, functional materials manufacturing and consulting.

Their experience with the JGC company's equipment was studied, and based on the received experience, discussions were held on sending Uzbek specialists for training. The terms of future cooperation were also discussed.