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Mining and deep processing of mineral resources laboratory

Matkarimov Sokhibjon Turdalievich - Head of Laboratory Mining and Deep Processing of Mineral Resources in Uzbek-Japan Innovation Center of Youth. And also, Professor Department of Mining and Metallurgy, Tashkent State Technical University.
Research area: extraction and processing metallurgy, leaching, iron oxidation, separation technology, carbothermic reduction, recycling, hydrometallurgy, extractive metallurgy, flotation, pyrometallurgy, recycling steel-smelting slags, heat treatment and processing metals, the metallurgy of ferrous, and non-ferrous metals.
09/2014-06/2019 PhD, Department of Metallurgy, Tashkent State Technical University, Tashkent, Uzbekistan
03/2011-06/2011 Internship, Department of Material Science and Engineering, Gwangju Institute of Science and Technology (GIST), Gwangju, Korea
09/2009-07/2011 MD, Department of Metallurgy, Tashkent State Technical University, Tashkent, Uzbekistan
09/2005-07/2009 BD, Department of Metallurgy, Tashkent State Technical University, Tashkent, Uzbekistan

Sep 2022 – present          Uzbek-Japan Innovation Center of Youth
Head of Laboratory Mining and Deep Processing of Mineral Resources
Sep 2022 – present          Tashkent State Technical University
                                        Professor, PhD, DSc
Sep 2021 – Aug 2022     Tashkent State Technical University
                                        Assistant Professor, PhD
Nov 2019 – Sep 2021     Tashkent State Technical University
                                        Deputy dean
Sep 2014 – Nov 2019     Tashkent State Technical University
                                        Senior Teacher
Oct 2013 – Apr 2014      DC "Foundry and mechanical plant"
                                        Engineer – the process engineer on foundry production
Jul 2011 – Sep 2013       Rahnamo LLC
                                        Engineer – technologist.

e-mail: sohibtm@gmail.com


Junior Researcher
Junior Researcher Tashpulatov Javokhir received a master's degree in Mining Engineering from Japan's University Kyushu under the guidance of Professor Takashi Sasaoka 2023 Studying 3D modeling of the mining landscape and its further simulation when implementing various methods of extracting minerals.
Laboratory Assistant

  Monitors the equipment's operability and compliance with safety requirements, maintains cleanliness and working environment, and is responsible for fire safety.
Prepares equipment (tools, equipment) for experiments, checks compliance with developed instructions and other documents.
Participates in the implementation of experiments, performs the necessary preparatory and auxiliary preparatory work, conducts observations, shows tools and maintains work logs.
Performs various computational and graphical work related to ongoing research and experiments.
Participates in the preparation and preparation of technical documentation for the work performed.
Get acquainted with the draft orders on the activities of the management of the Center.

e-mail: elbekamanqulov@gmail.com


Mining and deep processing of mineral resources
The Mining and Deep Processing of Mineral Resources Laboratory operates in accordance with the Charter of the Uzbek-Japan Innovation Center of Youth, Presidential Decree No. PP-2602 of September 19, 2016 "On the Creation of the Uzbek-Japan Innovation Center of Youth at Tashkent State Technical University," and regulatory documents of the Ministry of Higher and Secondary Special Education of the Republic of Uzbekistan. The laboratory "Mining and deep processing of mineral Resources" is a structural unit of the State Enterprise of the Uzbek-Japan Innovation Center of Youth.
Goals and objectives of the laboratory "Mining and deep processing of mineral resources"
  1. The main goal of the Laboratory is the development of innovative and educational activities for young specialists and students with the implementation of their scientific and technical ideas into real-life devices, equipment, technological processes and solutions, rational use of their intellectual and creative potential, for active participation in the creation of the base of the innovative economy of Uzbekistan.
    An association of talented and gifted students, young scientists and workers of various specialties, striving for scientific activity and wishing to apply their knowledge in practice, to carry out commercially promising technological and technical developments.
    The formation of specialized survey youth creative groups for the "transfer" of technologies and the development of new technological processes for industries that allow the production of products with high added value.
    Instilling in young professionals the skills of conducting research and design work, the implementation of the principles of scientific and technological design by international engineering standards.
    The formation of the vision and abilities of young specialists to use technologies demanded by the market in the basic sectors of the economy is based on a deep study of foreign experience.
    Proper provision of research work of young specialists with experimental and experimental technological base, in priority areas of the center’s activity.
    Attracting highly qualified mentors, foreign experts and high-level volunteers to the center to help develop the intellectual potential of young specialists.
    Publication of research results in leading domestic and foreign publications (included in the RSCI ratings, etc.), as well as patenting the most promising developments on behalf of the Center.
    Ensuring timely and high-quality execution of the planned scope of work by the approved technical tasks and calendar plans;
    The laboratory operates by international standards for the quality of project management.
    Creation of a modern laboratory cluster for experimental research in the following areas:
    study of mineral-mining features and technological properties of the studied types and grades of ores, their material and chemical compositions, and the material composition of mineral complexes;
    finding and developing new innovative methods, reagent regimes and technological schemes for complex processing and selective separation of valuable components from the studied mineral resources;
    identification of theoretical prerequisites and development of methods for increasing extraction of valuable components from the mineral resources and concentrates;
    conducting theoretical and experimental studies in laboratory conditions as close as possible to industrial ones;
    creation of a metallurgical information and modelling complex for the technological audit of mining enterprises;
    approving the developed technologies and introducing the technology of extractive metallurgy at the enterprises of the Republic into practice.
    In agreement with the Japanese side, foreign, mainly Japanese technological universities and high-tech companies will be involved in the work in the areas of activity of the center for joint scientific research, design and management of the construction of technological facilities.