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Tokio universitetiga tashrif. Startup Hub Tokyo

Farkhad Jumayev, General Director of the National Office of Innovation and Technology Transfer under the Ministry of Higher Education, Science and Innovation, Sardor Donayev, vice-rector for scientific affairs and innovations of the Tashkent State Technical University name under Islam Karimov, and Saidmurad Niyazbekov, Director of the Japan Youth Innovation Center, are on a business trip to Japan as part of the "Innovative approach to management of research institutes" project.

The members of the delegation visited Tokyo University in Japan and got to know its activities.

Also, the Department of University Corporate Relations (DUCR) provides various support to entrepreneurs and start-up companies established by the university aiming to commercialize and implement the results of research and education at the university.

The University of Tokyo's support for university-initiated startups was launched in 2004 by three parties, DUCR, The University Tokyo TLO, and The University of Tokyo Edge Capital. In 2007, he founded the University of Tokyo Entrepreneur Plaza, an incubation facility capable of hosting bioindustry startups. Also in 2016, in order to further accelerate the creation of innovative startups, The University of Tokyo Innovation Platform Co., Ltd. It has become clear that universities and university-created startups in developed countries are the main drivers of innovation that creates new industries and transforms society. The University of Tokyo strives to promote innovation by encouraging and supporting start-up companies.




Startup Hub Tokyo (Staha) is a startup support center that supports people who think "Maybe I should try to start a business", and UJICY delegation members learn about their experiences and techniques and planned for opening of a scientific start-up in the center.